Czechoslovakian Vlcak (pronounced like "vul-chak"), also known as Ceskoslovensky Vlcak, Czechoslovakian Wolfdog, Czech Wolfdog, CSV, or CSW, is a domestic dog breed that is recognized by FCI in the world, UKC, and AKC in the USA. Czechoslovakian Vlcak is not a wolf, nor a wolfdog hybrid. It is 100% domestic DOG, just the same as a Chihuahua, a Maltese, or a Golden Retriever. Czechoslovakian Vlcak is a DOG that simply looks like a wolf. Because it is a DOG, so it is legal to own a purebred Czechoslovakian Vlcak everywhere in the world.




Welcome to Hero & Angel's Czechoslovakian Vlcaks

Hero & Angel's Czechoslovakian Vlcaks is a small, in-home, hobby breeder located near Manhattan in New York City in the United States.

Both our Hero and Angel were imported from reputable kennels in Czech Republic, which is the country of origin of the Czechoslovakian Vlcak breed. Both of our dogs are descended from the most prestigous and championship-winning lines in Europe.

Here at Hero & Angel's, we offer top quality Czechoslovakian Vlcak Wolfdog Puppies for sale for Showing, Breeding, and Family Pets.

Both our adult dogs hold FCI (Czech Republic) registrations, and all our puppies can be registered at UKC in the USA.

We ship our Czechoslovakian Vlcaks puppies worldwide.




Hero & Angel's Mission

Hero & Angel's Czechoslovakian Vlcaks breeds the world's top quality Czechoslovakian Vlcaks for excellence in type, conformation, health, and most importantly, friendly temperament. We strive to perfect and improve the Czechoslovakian Vlcak breed one litter at a time. We only breed for quality, and never for quantity.

We pride ourselves on our excellent care provided to our dogs and puppies. We only have one pair of adult Czechoslovakian Vlcaks living as our spoiled family pets in our loving home. Normally Czechoslovakian Vlcaks only breed once a year, so we only have a very limited number of Vlcaks puppies a year. All puppies are raised underfoot with lots of love and socializations.







News Update 12/15/2014:


The pups are Three Weeks Old today. We have taken some group pictures, as well as each pup's individual pictures earlier this afternoon. The pups' teeth have begun to emerge, so we have started their weaning process with raw ground beef and turkey mixed with infant formula. Please visit our "Puppies For Sale" page to view more pictures that were taken today.




News Update 12/09/2014:


The pups are Two Weeks & One Day old today. We have snapped some quick pictures of them earlier today. Their fur is very soft at this time. All the pups' eyes have opened. Please visit our "Puppies For Sale" page to view more pictures that were taken today.




News Update 12/01/2014:


We have updated our site with updated pictures of our current litter, born on 11/24/2014. This litter is 7 days old today. Please visit our "Puppies For Sale" page to view more pictures that were taken today.





News Update 11/24/2014:


We are very proud to announce that Angel's litter has arrived on Monday, November 24th, 2014! The first pup of this litter was born around 4:50 am, and the last pup of this litter was born around 11 am. There are a total of 7 pups: 4 males and 3 females. All 7 pups are healthy and doing well. Angel howled for me when she was about to give birth, and I sat with her the entire time, giving her lots of emotional support and comforting massages. Angel has been a fantastic mother, taking care of all her babies attentively. We are so proud of Angel. Hero seemed to be super excited as well, as he waited patiently outside of Angel's den during the birthing process.





News Update 11/10/2014:


We are very excited for the upcoming arrival of our litter. Angel's very comfortable and is already preparing for her cozy den. Hero has been providing Angel lots of entertainment and companionship lately and is a lot more gentle when playing with Angel. This litter should arrive in a few more days now. We will update our site as soon as the pups are born.




News Update 10/02/2014:


Hero had been covering Angel several times per day beginning from 09/15/2014 to 09/24/2014. Each tie that I've personally seen all lasted at least 20 to 30 minutes, so we strongly feel that the chances of Angel's pregnancy this time being successful should be fairly high. Both Angel and Hero have both returned to their normal selves and are now prancing around the house as usual. Angel's definitely eating much more than before, and we're supplementing a lot more raw beef and fish to help with her nutrient intake. So we expect that the new litter of pups should arrive between 11/15/2014 and 11/26/2014, depending on when the fertilization actually takes place. We will continue to update our site as Angel's pregnancy progresses.




News Update 09/16/2014:


We are very happy to announce that Angel has come into heat around September 10th, 2014, and Hero and Angel have tied on September 15th, 2014. So if all things are well, we may be expecting a new litter of Czechoslovakian Vlcak pups in Mid-November this year, 2014, around November 15th, 2014 or so.

We're very pleasantly surprised that Angel and Hero have decided to have a litter this time of year, being that they just had a litter earlier this year, in Mid-April; therefore, we're not entirely sure that this pregnancy will take successfully. Angel is definitely eating a lot more than usual, and both Hero and Angel are in great shapes both physically and mentally. We suspect that maybe they're just happy and healthy, so they are ready to start a family again.

Please feel free to continue checking back our site regularly, as we will continue updating our site as Angel's pregnancy progresses.




News Update 08/10/2014:


It's been quite a while since we've managed to have time to update our website. We do apologize but we were heavily caught up in work. Our 2014 pups have all been sold. Below please see some of the pictures that were taken back in Mid-May 2014. For those seeking more information on our upcoming litter, please visit our "Puppies For Sale" page, or please don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you!



News Update 05/10/2014:


The puppies are 27 days old today. All 8 puppies in this litter born 04/13/2014 are all reserved. Their teeth have started to emerge. Angel is trying to wean them as she is a lot more reluctant to breast feed them recently. The pups have started learning to eat soften dry food mixed with raw ground beef. Hero is doing a great job babysitting the pups while Angel rests.



News Update 05/03/2014:


The puppies are 20 days old today. All the puppies recognize our faces and voices. Their fur is very soft and fluffy now. They're now eating mashed raw ground beef and ground pork on their own.




News Update 04/13/2014:


We are very proud to announce the birth of our new litter on April 13th, 2014. There are 8 puppies total, with 5 boys and 3 girls. All puppies and Angel are doing excellent. Please visit our "Puppies For Sale" page to view our current available Czechoslovakian Vlcak puppies for sale. These Czech Wolfdog puppies will come with UKC/FCI registration paperwork, all vaccinations and dewormings as scheduled, and a comprehensive health guarantee.


Short Fun Facts

  • The English word "vlcak" is pronounced like "vul-chak."
  • The word "vlcak" means wolf-dog.
  • Czechoslovakian Vlcaks are a healthy and hardy breed. Most dogs can live up to 13 to 16 years without serious health issues.
  • Czechoslovakian Vlcaks are the only dog breed recognized by the FCI, UKC, and AKC that looks most similar to the wolves found in Europe.
  • FCI stands for Fédération Cynologique Internationale.
  • UKC stands for the United Kennel Club.
  • AKC stands for the American Kennel Club.